About Innovative Physicians Forum (IPF)
Dr. J. K. Sharma
Secretary General

IPF is a platform which brings together intellectuals, clinical scientists and researchers from the field of internal medicine and allied subjects and super specialties. The ideology of the IPF is to discuss and present the science in its most unbiased form. IPF is open to new ideas and innovative ways of exchanging the knowledge amongst the professionals. IPF also gives you immense opportunities to associate with other likeminded professionals, researchers & scientist in our endeavor to enrich knowledge in the field of medicine and allied subjects, IPF conducts regular bimonthly CMEs and from this year onward we shall be organizing the annual conference of IPF. Team IPF coveys best wishes and regards to all its highly learned members for their commitment towards lifelong learning.

Aims and objectives of Innovative Physicians Forum (IPF)

  • To accomplish high standards of excellence in education, medical practice and research in medical sciences and its related discipline in India and neighboring countries by addressing the educational and research needs as well as promoting and supporting its uses by medical and allied health professionals and to promote the knowledge of medical sciences.
  • To hold workshops, seminars, symposia, conferences and other group meetings for similar objectives.
  • To seek and secure cooperation of and coordination with other biomedical scientific, and academic, institutions, societies and associations in private and government biomedical and scientific departments and services in India and abroad.
  • To promote and develop collaborative research, networking, practice guidelines, course curriculum, education and evaluation technologies in medical sciences.